Bagna Cauda Day 2023

From November 24th to 26th and from December 1st to 3rd

From November 24th to 26th and from December 1st to 3rd, the Bagna Cauda Day is an eagerly anticipated annual event, not only for locals but also for tourists who come to the area to celebrate one of the most traditional recipes of the region in a genuine festive atmosphere.

The grand event involves the entire Piedmont region and beyond, but the heart of the celebration is naturally in the Monferrato region, especially since it is organized by the Astigiani APS, the Association presided over by Piercarlo Grimaldi and the publisher of the eponymous history and stories magazine directed by Sergio Miravalle.

Each year, over 150 venues, including taverns, wineries, and restaurants, offer an affordable seat at the table and a generous portion of Bagna Cauda, accompanied by a variety of vegetables, and if you’re lucky, you may also find pleasant musical entertainment.

Bagna Cauda Day 2023

The Origins of Bagna Cauda

This dish is the quintessential traditional Piemontese dish, a sort of hot dip made with garlic, oil, and anchovies, served with raw or cooked vegetables. Originally considered a humble peasant dish, over time, it has graced the tables of princes, royalty, and even Pope Francis, who hails from Asti and doesn’t hide his passion for this dish.

Its origins can be traced back to Asti merchants who imported salt and anchovies from Provence. This dish was particularly consumed during the grape harvest season, and according to legend, it was used to eliminate the unpleasant odor of crushed grapes during winemaking.

The Piemontese farming tradition helped solidify Bagna Cauda as a hearty meal for farmers working in the fields during the winter season.

Bagna Cauda

An Unmissable Event

The Bagna Cauda Day is much more than a simple gastronomic celebration. It’s a moment of sharing and celebrating the cultural richness of the region.

With its simple yet deeply rooted tradition, the Bagna Cauda Day continues to attract an increasing number of participants, strengthening the bond between the community and its culinary heritage.

Discover all the venues participating in the event and interesting facts on the official website

Bagna Cauda Day 2022

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