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Antiques Markets in Piedmont

Hidden Treasures of Piedmont: A Journey Through Antique and Vintage Markets

The enchanting universe of flea markets and antiques is a true paradise for vintage enthusiasts and lovers of history.

Stalls in the streets and squares of the city offer an experience of discovering past times and fascinate anyone with a weakness for the timeless charm of vintage items.

Our area and Piedmont in general are not only famous for their food and wine excellences and breathtaking landscapes but also for the lively crossroads of culture and tradition, where the past meets the present in a unique and enchanting way.

The markets of Nizza Monferrato and the surrounding area are true hidden treasures, oases where time seems to have stopped. Here, among the stalls full of history, you can find everything: from rare antique pieces to vintage objects of all kinds, jewelry, ancient books, vintage furniture, and much more.


Nizza Monferrato Antique Market

Every third Sunday of the month, for over 40 years, the valued meeting with antiques and collecting takes place in Nizza Monferrato. This exhibition, one of the most renowned among the antique markets in Northern Italy, has become over time an essential reference point for thousands of enthusiasts.

The exhibitors, more than 350 and predominantly Italian, propose objects of all kinds: from rustic items and wooden tools, symbols of the local agricultural tradition, to more sophisticated pieces from ancient noble and bourgeois homes.

There are also gems from the 1950s: prints, lamps, vintage toys, antique furniture, books, ancient linens and laces, postcards yellowed by time, advertisements from historic brands.

Mercatino Nicese Nizza Monferrato - Banco dei Vinili

Vinyl in the Spotlight: The Return of the Vinyl Market Exhibition to Nizza Monferrato

On April 21, 2024, the Vinyl Market Exhibition will take place, a must-attend event for vinyl record lovers, both for seasoned collectors and newcomers looking for a new passion.

This traditional annual event is a paradise for vinyl enthusiasts, collectors or casual fans, offering a wide selection of records that are more than just items: they are true pieces of art, design, music, and sources of unforgettable memories. Among the stalls of numerous exhibitors, you can find that long-sought and awaited record.

Casale Mercatino Antiquariato

Antique Market in Casale Monferrato

Every second Sunday of the month, from 08:00 to 17:00, the Antique Market of Casale Monferrato comes to life, an event that transforms the Mercato Pavia, the former cattle market of Casale, into a lively epicenter of history and tradition.

This market, with over three hundred exhibitors and a history of almost fifty years, is recognized as one of the largest and most prestigious antique markets in Italy.

The market not only celebrates antiques but also hosts the “Farmer Market“, a corner dedicated to zero kilometer products, jewels of Monferrato gastronomy.

Within the market, there is also a refreshment area where you can take a break enjoying a coffee or a snack, immersed in a unique atmosphere. The Mercato Pavia offers a closed and secure structure, with night surveillance and available restrooms, thus ensuring a comfortable visit for all enthusiasts and visitors.

Every market has its uniqueness, offering a different shopping experience, capable of satisfying both the most demanding collectors and visitors looking for that particular object that can add a touch of personality and history to their home.

Mercatino Antiquariato di Cherasco_02

Antique Market – Cherasco

With its hundreds of exhibitors, the market offers a vast selection of unique items, from vintage furniture to rare retro pieces, immersed in an historic atmosphere that extends to the gardens of the Madonnina.

Additionally, a visit to Cherasco during the market is also an opportunity to enjoy outdoor walks, discover the beauty of the local landscape, and visit the exhibitions and historic halls of Palazzo Salmatoris for free, making the experience even richer and more memorable.

The next dates: May 5, June 2, September 1, October 6, and December 1, 2024.

Officine della memoria Alessandria

Memory Workshop Alessandria

The Memory Workshop, located in Alessandria, is more than just an antique market: it’s a real celebration of our past, told through objects, jewelry, and wonders from other times.

Every first Sunday of the month, under the arcades and in the squares, visitors immerse themselves in a journey through time, exploring the multiple stalls. Here you can discover everything: from rare collectible items to vintage furniture, antique prints, pieces of modernism, artifacts of peasant life, and art books.

With about 250 exhibitors, the Alessandria market is one of the largest and most significant in the region, a place where history, culture, and beauty merge into a unique and unforgettable experience.

Antique and Second-Hand Market Exhibition of Ovada

The Antique and Second-Hand Market of Ovada is an event that livens up the historic center on selected dates throughout the year. The streets of Ovada transform into a lively stage for over 250 exhibitors, mostly from Northern Italy, who, from dawn to dusk, present a rich variety of antique and modernist pieces.

Among the stalls, you can admire noble furniture, refined ceramics, sparkling glassware, ancient tools, historical postcards, prints, elegant costume jewelry, rare comics, paintings, collectible books, and many other treasures. This market is a true paradise for enthusiasts of unique pieces and history, a place where every item has a story to tell.

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