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The territory in which Tenuta La Romana is characterized by vineyards, charming villages, churches and medieval castles. It’s an extraordinary historical context of beauty and nature, scents of wine, truffles and much more.



The area of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014. Here there is a deep-rooted wine culture, and you can understand it by admiring the magnificent landscapes that man has shaped over the centuries, in function of the cultivation of the vine.

This area, located between the provinces of Asti Alessandria and Cuneo, produces wines among the most famous and appreciated in the world, authentic spearheads of a territory to be discovered, which can offer unique experiences. During your stay at Tenuta La Romana you can choose from numerous tourist, sports and leisure activities. In addition, upon reservation, there are at your disposal expert guides who can organize customized tours, according to your preferences and curiosity.



Monferrato is a region of Piedmont characterized by rolling hills, rich of vineyards, castles and ancient villages. Here you can enjoy gastronomic delicacies and fine wines, immersed in a landscape of extraordinary beauty.

Palio di Asti

A historic event that takes place on the third Saturday of September in Asti, approximately 30 km from Nizza Monferrato. The event includes a historical parade and a horse race in which representatives from different neighborhoods of the city compete against each other.

Douja d’Or

A wine competition takes place in Asti, approximately 30 km from Nizza Monferrato, at the end of September. The competition awards the best wine in the region.

Fiera Internzazione del tartufo d’Alba

There is an event dedicated to white truffles that takes place in Alba, approximately 40 km from Nizza Monferrato, during the month of October. The event involves the participation of numerous exhibitors and offers the opportunity to purchase the prized white truffle.

Nizza è Barbera

There is a wine event that takes place in Nizza Monferrato in May. The event celebrates Barbera d'Asti wine, which is produced in the surrounding hills, and it features tastings, winery visits, and activities related to the world of wine.


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