Cheese is back in Bra, the major event dedicated to cheese

Cheese, the renowned internationally-focused event dedicated to raw milk cheeses, will make its return to Bra from September 15th to 18th, 2023.

This fourteenth edition, organized as always in collaboration between Slow Food and the City of Bra – which has long been known as the home of the Snail – brings together a diverse community of shepherds, cheesemakers, affineurs, and enthusiasts around the concept of the flavors of pastures.

The objective is to underline the importance of producing the finest cheeses from the milk of animals that graze in pastures, respecting the territories, animal welfare, and human health.

What to expect? More than 250 producers, an entire city filled with irresistible flavors and aromas, an increasingly larger audience of food lovers, enthusiasts, and cheese aficionados, and a series of in-depth discussions and workshops for the most curious.

Cheese - Il sapore di prati dal 15 al 18 settembre

From Mountain to Table: The Project of Stable Meadows

However, not all pastures are identical. In the 2023 edition of Cheese, attention is focused on an innovative project proposed by Slow Food: stable meadows.

These meadows, characterized by the presence of a variety of herbs ranging from 20 to over 100 species in high mountain areas, represent incredibly biodiverse ecosystems.

Furthermore, they contribute to the fight against the climate crisis, as they are capable of storing carbon dioxide in the soil and roots.

Borgo Affinatori - Asti

In-depth meetings and taste workshops

The focal point of Cheese’s reflections is situated within the Biodiversity House. In addition to conferences and evening screenings, this edition features the new forum titled “Giving the Floor to Shepherds,” an opportunity to hear the testimonies of those around the world who are committed to the preservation of biodiversity and animal breeds, as well as the aperitifs that celebrate cheeses, honeys, and liqueurs, highlighting herbs and essences.

But Cheese is also a chance to learn with pleasure: in Valfrè di Bonzo square, participants can explore the world of pastures and stable meadows through a sensory journey in stages.

The Taste Workshops, hosted both in Bra and at the Banca del Vino in Pollenzo, allow participants to explore flavors and pairings, both familiar and uncommon.

Table Appointments offer the opportunity to discover various ecosystems through the guidance of Italian and international chefs, leading participants from the mountains to transhumance routes.

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Say Cheese! Alessandro Vargiu - Archivio Slow Food_Bra

Gourmet Experiences: Tastings and Excellence Wines at the Grand Cheese Hall

Naturally, the Grand Cheese Hall is a must, offering tasting experiences that include Slow Food Presidia and renowned Italian and international cheeses.

The Wine Cellar, with its selection of 400 labels from the Wine Bank, highlights producers from the Slow Wine Coalition and Triple A wines, both Italian and foreign.

Always present to enliven the squares, courtyards, and streets of Bra are the regional interpretations of Street Kitchens and the original creations from food trucks, which can be paired with the wide range of craft beers available.

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